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Charlotte Hogg, VISA CEO: The era of invisible payments

Charlotte Hogg, the head of the Visa business in Europe, is the quintessential British establishment. His grandfather, Viscount Hailsham, was first Lord of the Admiralty, his father, Douglas, served as Minister of Agriculture in the Government of John Major, and his mother, Sarah, who has the Baroness treatment, was the…

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The Bank of England is “not so worried” by Crypto “threat”

The snowy environment of the World Economic Forum’s Davos annual conference (known simply as “Davos”) is still not immune from talking about cryptocurrencies, even after an implosion of market prices has been eliminated from the public eye compared to one year. The chief adviser to Bank of England Governor Huw…

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Cryptocurrencies are unsuitable for funding says the Central Bank of England

Huw van Steenis, Senior Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of England (BOE), believes that cryptocurrencies do not meet the basic requirements of a financial resource. He made similar remarks on January 21 in an interview with Bloomberg. Van Steenis joined the English Central Bank in 2018 after…

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