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Tag: fintech regulations

Austria is one of the first EU countries with exceptions for FinTechs

In the near future, young financial companies will be able to offer their services in Austria more easily than before. In order to be able to bring innovations to market faster, selected FinTechs are allowed to try their offer with real customers under the supervision of the Financial Market Authority…

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These are the reasons why China goes ahead of the West in Fintech

n China, people use apps like Alipay or WeChat from their smartphones to split accounts into restaurants, invest their salaries with a single click and pay for services. A change in financial lives “Alipay, of Ant Financial, and WeChat, of Tencent, are unique windows that allow half a billion Chinese…

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The Fed has concerns about fintech regulations

The US Federal Reserve is reluctant to grant fintech access to the country’s financial infrastructure, including its clearing and settlement systems. The concern arises from the perception that these companies do not have robust risk controls or consumer protection systems that common banks must have to operate. “I am concerned…

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