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Google Play: offers applications and games for free and with great discounts for a short time

Hold on, that offers arrive on Google Play. They come well loaded; with more icon packs and customization apps than you’ll need in a year. Also are lots of games and applications that I pay that can be yours for free or for very little money . Free applications We…

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Oldenburg Startup: energy company goes live successfully

More customers pay less  Through Germany’s first crowdfunding portal, customers are joining forces to get the strongest offerings for services and products. “The power of the customer was underestimated for years,” says Christian Wagner. “But if you bundle and organize them in larger groups, you can communicate with providers…

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The trends of e-commerce in Latin America in the eyes of MercadoLibre (biggest e-commerce in LatAm)

The platform that in 2018 led to the sale of 270.1 million articles and US $ 11,700 million in transactions shares its vision regarding the moment of e-commerce in our region. E-commerce has a great opportunity for growth in Latin America, which has the example of what happens in China…

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Crypto trading: How does Robinhood get benefits with zero fees?

Robinhood promotes zero-rate negotiation for its services, but how do they make profits? The answer lies in the fact that their “real customers” are high frequency commercial companies, not the customers who use their commercial services. The well-known investment company, Robinhood, is actively promoting its zero-rate negotiation services for potential…

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