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Speech-to-text: This tool gives you a transcript of all the articles or books you liked

We’re living in a time where being confined to a space at home is deemed normal. With everything from office meetings to events and from personal tutoring to online classes becoming virtual, people working remotely or students studying at home find it tougher to pay attention and take notes during…

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Bitcoin is taking over every single place: Now, French tobacco shops

Tobacco shops in France are the new counters to purchase Bitcoin thanks to Keplerk. The Parisian FinTech startup has forged a partnership with six ‘tabac’ centers across the French capital. The cooperation would see the tobacco sellers selling bitcoin vouchers – similar to gift cards – that are redeemable for…

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Fast food startups following the nutritional trend this 2019

In times of health-conscious dietary trends like low carb, casual vegan or clean eating, fries, pizza, and burgers are high on the ban list. Because white flour, sugar, salt, and saturated fatty acids are those components that burden the organism, slow down the metabolism and trigger food cravings. This is…

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