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Financial obstacles inhibit cleantech growth in the UAE

As regional governments become increasingly aware of the social and economic threat posed by climate change, population growth and resource over-consumption, there is growing appreciation that improved energy efficiency, reduced use of non-renewable resources and environmental sustainability can only be achieved by successfully developing and harnessing new environmental technology –…

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The success story of a Munich startup in the fitness sector

Since 2010, the Munich startup eGym digitizes the fitness world. NGP Capital, Highland Europe, HPE Growth Capital and Bayern Kapital recently invested another $ 20 million in the company. Which was founded by Philipp Roesch Schlanderer and Florian Sauter. In 2016, the startup already collected $ 45 million. By the…

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Revolut wants to drive expansion in 19 countries, including Austria: “1 million users in 2 to 3 years”

The London N26 competitor Revolut wants to drive expansion with local teams in 19 European countries, including Austria. Over the past three months, it has increased from three to four million users. In the medium term alone in this country will be a million. Ambitious goals are one of the…

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