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Knowing how to program will be as important as learning English?

Entrepreneurs of startups, developers and ‘hacktivists’ suggest that in the near future, programming will become a daily digital necessity as today it is to know how to send an email. Since the advent of computers, technological developments have been based on programming. With technical advances it is unknown what the…

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Space Tourism: Amazon (Blue Origin) will be a major player in the commercialization of space

Tourism, the manufacture of parts or pharmaceuticals will have a place in a new sector with a potential of 2.7 trillion dollars. In the week that Dana Newman visited Madrid invited by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, the Insight probe arrived on Mars and NASA selected nine private companies to transfer…

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E-Commerce platforms comparison – Is Shopify the Best Online Shop Software?

The E-Commerce platforms in comparison – Which software is the best? Entering the world of online business for the first time, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the vast array of tools, applications and digital services all around the online sales of products. Running a business is hard enough, so…

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