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Tag: investment

A fintech to be allowed to operate on the US stock exchange online

The Securities Commission approved the first investment fintech that allows it to operate on the US stock exchange 100% online. This is Quiena Inversiones, an investment platform that received confirmation of its registration as a Global Investment Advisory Agent and became a legal option to allow Argentines to invest in…

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Berlin startups could lose investors to another city

Berlin as an important address for startup financiers? The capital threatens to be overtaken by investments from Paris – because France avoids the mistakes of German politicians. According to a study Paris could overtake Berlin in the coming years for investments in startups. In 2018, lenders spent almost 2.5 billion…

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Austrian startups have received insane amounts of funding in 2018

In 2018, Austrian startups have landed more deals than ever before. This is the result of the fourth edition of Startup Report Austria. A total of 238 million euros were invested last year in Austrian startups. In 2017, only 133 million euros were collected, as trending topics reported. The data…

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Food logistics startup gets a large investment

fliit makes food logistics easy by communicating transportation to food producers. In concrete terms: With a technology platform, fliit networks and aggregates specialized logistics companies, thus carrying out transports for the food industry throughout Germany. Working with Maersk, end-to-end solutions are being developed for food producers worldwide. With its competence…

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PayPal has made its first investment in a blockchain company

The payment giant PayPal has made its first investment in a blockchain company. They have invested in Cambridge Blockchain. A company that helps financial institutions and other companies manage confidential data, such as personal identification in shared ledgers. The PayPal financing was part of an extension of the Series A…

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