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Female is the future for founders: 1,000 VCs join forces in investor network

This number is saddening: just 2.2 percent of the venture capital granted in the US in 2018 went to women founders, the proportion was just as low in the previous year. In doing so, companies that were started by founders generate on average twice the profits. This is what a…

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What do investors want? Learn from the startup SoSafe

Global Founders Capital joins the Cologne start-up SoSafe. Above all, the founders want to expand their customer base in the EU area. Cash injection for SoSafe: The Cologne-based provider of cyber security training is getting a well-known investor on board with Global Counters Capital (GFC). So far, the start-up had…

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Female entrepreneurship: How to make your startup interesting for investors

Doris Agneter is one of the most important women in the domestic venture capital scene. As the manager of the Lower Austrian startup fund tecnet equity, she is responsible for a volume of 50 million euros. In 2018 she won a prestigious Investor Award (Trending Topics reported) and celebrated a…

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Schindler start-up offering software as a service leading a transformation in the real estate sector

Schindler announces the formation of BuildingMinds: The start-up aims to optimize the management and administration of real estate with a “Software as a Service” platform. In partnership with Microsoft, BuildingMinds uses the Microsoft Azure and the Dynamics 365 Cloud platforms. Property owners are benefiting from Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and business…

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How do investors and startups work together?

During the due diligence, venture capital investors work intensively with the startup and try to get an impression of the company. Specifically, this means that the investor reviews founding documents, articles of association, contractual relationships for third parties, annual financial statements, business plans, employee overviews, contracts with freelancers, but also…

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How to get your first investor for your startup: Learn from this austrian crypto startup

The Austrian crypto startup blockpit has brought its first investor on board with the European Super Angels Club (ESAC), ESAC announced in a press release on 11 December. The investors involved ESAC is a European investor network in which, in addition to other partners, also the management consultants KPMG, PHH…

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