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“Along the way, technologies are changing, the market is changing direction and sometimes, once a century or so, there is also an epidemic.”

The i3 Equity Partners fund is not afraid to take high-risk investments, provided the company has the potential to change the rules of the game and create a competency gap that will make it more difficult for competitors. Meanwhile, Adam Fischer of Bessemer and Ille Waldman of Melanox are boasting…

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Why is Microsoft Buying CyberX Israeli for $ 170 Million?

This is the fifth Israeli cyber company to purchase the tech giant in recent years A few days after Intel’s acquisition of Mobit – another signaling acquisition of an Israeli startup by technology giant: Microsoft will acquire Israeli startup CyberX, which develops industrial control system (IIoT) protection system. This is…

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Blockchain startup Orbs receives South Korean investment

South Korea’s largest news app operator Kakao has invested in Orbs, an Israeli blockchain startup. The report states that Orbs did not disclose the scope of the investment. In addition, the startup reportedly said that this investment builds on the existing partnership with Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of Cocoa.…

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Is the Israeli startup market ahead Europe and the US? Find out here!

Israel as a startup nation is still quite young, almost in the founding mode itself. Between ten and fifteen years ago, the state, with its nine million people, was mainly an agricultural country, which had only developed into a veritable innovation center with increasing technological know-how. With a charisma that…

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The nightmare of Silicon Valley. Don’t open your business in Silicon Valley because it is suicide.

Silicon Valley is for a technological entrepreneur the same as Hollywood for an actor or Real Madrid for a footballer. In the universities, garages and student flats of some populations of this Californian region that precedes San Francisco, the germs of technological giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook and a…

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