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Fintechs are opening up in more and more countries

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are talking about a possible merger. This is probably due not least to the fact that their stock market value has fallen significantly in recent years. Lower margins, stagnating restructuring efforts and especially at Deutsche Bank. New scandals and scandals have meant that the share prices…

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Charlotte Hogg, VISA CEO: The era of invisible payments

Charlotte Hogg, the head of the Visa business in Europe, is the quintessential British establishment. His grandfather, Viscount Hailsham, was first Lord of the Admiralty, his father, Douglas, served as Minister of Agriculture in the Government of John Major, and his mother, Sarah, who has the Baroness treatment, was the…

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Start-ups record: Investors paid over $254 billion worldwide in 2018

In the past year, start-ups worldwide have collected as much venture capital as never before, according to a recent study. In Germany, investors rely primarily on artificial intelligence. With a total of $ 254 billion, start-ups worldwide received a new record sum of investors last year. The venture capital provided…

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The online returns pass bill to the trade: three out of ten products are ‘lost’

Repentance in the purchase can reduce the ecommerce companies between 2% and 4% of their turnover Some e-commerce companies like Amazon are starting to penalize customers who return more products than they buy, who abuse the generous return service. These recidivists are closely monitored and, if they are found to…

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