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Peter Gerlach: “The banking license is the royal road”

Through the cooperation with the neobank Seba Crypto, Julius Baer wants to enter the business of digital assets. In an interview with, Julius Baer Trade Director Peter Gerlach explains the background to this cooperation. This quarter is yet to happen: The Neobank Seba Crypto hopes to get soon a…

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A Spanish fintech is just one step away from operating like a traditional bank

The young Fintech Rebellion, just one year after its launch, has obtained the banking license of Electronic Money Entity in Lithuania. Rebellion is a Spanish fintech that offers a virtual card associated with an account for minors. Now, they are only one step away from getting a Credit Institution license.…

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This is how to become a more successful Fintech company

There are very famous startups that nobody knows exactly what they do and other unknown ones who, in silence, move towards ambitious objectives. Rebellion Pay belongs to the second category. Founded last year and participated mainly by Gala Capital, Rebellion has become the first Spanish ‘fintech’ to obtain a banking…

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