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Tag: Lightning Network

Square Crypto: How will it help Bitcoin?

As a number of recent developments, such as Vitalik Buterin’s latest topical update on Ethereum, Samsung’s consumer oriented cryptographic solution and the growing Bitcoin Lightning Network, easily demonstrate, now is the perfect time for industry stakeholders do tests, and then publish the stellar results. Some companies may have missed the…

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A new partnership between European fintech and US payment processor has improved the efficiency of Bitcoin transactions

Bitfury is one of the high caliber fintech companies and a European company based in Amsterdam. Originally Bitfury’s focus was primarily in the bitcoin mining area. But now the finntech provides solutions for intellectual property decentralization such as music and healthcare for improved quality standards and patient safety. So Bitfury…

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Microtransactions network: A tool facilitates the use of the Lightning Network

Bitcoin users interested in testing the Lightning Network (LN) microtransaction network already have an option that promises to make the process easier, especially because the user should not worry about running their own node on the network. We are talking about LndHub, a new BlueWallet utility available for mobile phones,…

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