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Linkedin investor Bessemer stands for these German startups

When Bessemer Venture Partners invests in a company, you should take a look! At Startup, such as Linkedin, Pinterest, Shopify, Twilio, twitch, and QWix, the American financier, who has made over 200 investments, had a very good nose in the past. In Germany Bessemer is so far only very restrained…

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How to be selected as a new hire for great companies like Google and Amazon

Traditional interviews have lost value when it comes to predicting job performance. The interviewees give rehearsed answers, and the interviewers tend to choose the candidates they like rather than those who have more potential. There are many strategies that already being used by large successful companies. Therefore, new trends emerge…

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Influencer marketing for startups

Influencer marketing is extremely efficient. Even without a big budget, startups can win influential advocates. What is an influencer? Influencers are opinion makers. They have influence, are considered trustworthy and reach a considerable audience. This makes them important multipliers for online marketing. Big brands have a considerable budget for influencer…

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Use Dark patterns to improve your conversions. This is how E-commerce giants trick us with a cheat web design

Startups should learn from big and established companies . Dark Patterns is other thing that startups can apply to improve his businesses. Dark Patterns I have a challenge for you, dear readers: try to find in less than a minute the option to close the Amazon account. It is not…

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Cloud is the #1 skill most demanded in LinkedIn. Bonus: Top 25 most demanded skills

Linkedin has created a list with the 25 most demanded skills in its platform. So if you are thinking of expanding your training, we recommend that the course you do is related to one of the following points that make up the ranking. With the introduction of new technologies in…

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Blitzscaling and the secret of Reid Hoffman (Linkedin founder)

After helping to found PayPal, he founded LinkedIn in 2002, which made him a billionaire. He was one of Facebook’s initial investors and is currently a partner in Greylock, a venture capital firm. He wrote two books, “The Start-Up of You” (with Ben Casnocha) and “The Alliance: Managing Talent in…

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