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This startup brings something new to the electronic market

The Düsseldorf startup Livello has been working on its snack bar since 2016. However, the Foodtech company has great competition. “We are the Amazon Go in the box”, founder Alexander Eissing describes his product. His startup Livello has developed a smart refrigerator to serve as a canteen substitute in offices.…

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Why low mortgage rates could help boost the next run of Bitcoin Bull Run?

The Wall Street Journal reports that banks will consolidate mortgage loans. Thanks to changes in the Federal Reserve’s policy, it is now cheaper for banks to obtain loans than it has been for a while. The other effect of a reduced LIBOR rate seems to be lower mortgage rates. Rates…

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Experts say cryptocurrencies are undervalued. Find out why right here

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said in an AMA (ask-me-anything) that he believes the “core” of crypto values is undervalued. These statements followed after the Bitcoin price dropped to nearly $ 3,600. Allaire: The markets are oversold At a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ meeting on January 10, Allaire stressed that his…

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50% of Bitcoin Supply Hasn’t Moved in a Year, 20% May Be Lost Forever

Bitcoin (BTC) earned its digital gold comparison due to a number of factors, but none more-so than its pre-programmed scarcity. There can only ever be a fixed supply of 21,000,000 BTC, as was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in order to give Bitcoin its deflationary aspect. That fixed supply also provides…

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