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Mobile payments and remittances, the favorites of the ‘fintech’ firms

New disruptive mechanisms have targeted the issue of remittances, one of the most representative is the financial technology sector (fintech), which is why these companies are changing the way migrants send money to their country of origin. . According to the most recent report of the Fintech sector, carried out…

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A new startup company is developing an innovative laundry service

The home laundry and dry cleaning app received an investment of 12 million dollars to expand all over the world, starting with Latin America and Asia. Can you imagine washing and ironing your clothes with a single click? Spanish startup Mr Jeff makes laundry and dry cleaning at home through…

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Top 5 trends of CES 2019, the biggest event for businesses of consumer technologies

CES 2019 will focus on innovative technologies (5G, immersive reality and digital confidence) that provide the ultimate in customization and experience for the end user, enabling an ecosystem connected through cities and smart homes and a new generation of cars. Companies will invest more to ensure greater security and privacy…

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Fintech: Revolut is a large mobile bank, but also the proof that you have to moderate your enthusiasm with fintech

The fintech sector is boiling. The combination of finance and technology is a great idea and many companies are developing very useful and innovative products. Among this type of companies there are some that are betting on trying to revolutionize a sector that was not so much unthinkable that it…

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