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Make your startup hit New York: How foreigners are doing it

Nigerian e-commerce retailer Jumia becomes the first African tech startup to hit the New York Stock Exchange. The documents for this have already been submitted. The valuation, the share price and the timing of the sale of the shares will be determined in the coming weeks. Morgan Stanley manages the…

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Startup companies started to move outside of the Silicon Valley

Many startups are looking for new geographies, which suggests that their primacy could decline as a technology center Credit: Shutterstock “Like Florence in the Renaissance”. That is a common description of what it is like to live in Silicon Valley. The technology capital of the United States has a disproportionate…

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Municipal energy industry gets a boost from startups

Hardly anyone is aware that municipal companies work incessantly for this constant supply. To keep this going and to strengthen the municipal energy industry, these companies are increasingly looking for startups with new ideas for the supply landscape. The start-up companies often bring with them an unprecedented level of expertise…

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