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Tag: pixelized identity

Protect The Identity Of Your Co-workers In Photos Using An API

Check the security on your social activities, read this article and learn about this identity protection API! Producers have long utilized patchwork and blur techniques to obfuscate on-screen talent’s identities. Recent studies have therefore discovered a method to reconstruct a high-quality image of the speaker’s face from a blurry, low-resolution…

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Need To Pixelate Multiple Faces In Different Photos? This Is How An API Can Help      

Do you want to hide the face of a minor or erased a unwanted person in some picture?  Read this article and do it with this blur face API! We all know that Internet privacy protections are getting considerably easier to breach, especially when the photos are distorted or blurry.…

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Why APIs Are The Easiest Way To Blur Faces Without Using A Photo Editor

Do you want some privacy in the web? Read this post and learn about these options of privacy protection API that will make you more secure in the internet! Everybody is aware that a facecam is essential for success on social media platforms like Twitch and Youtube. We’ve looked at…

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