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Amazon is quietly conquering its own website with a white label strategy similar to Mercadona’s

If something Amazon has taught us is that it is able to reinvent itself according to the times. Its white Solimo brand is proof of this, especially when imitating Nespresso coffee capsules. Curious, at least the similarities with the white Mercadona brand, Hacendado. The company that started with Jeff Bezos…

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FedEx offers discounts for express shipments after finalizing contract with Amazon

FedEx has confirmed that it will not renew its express air shipment contract with Amazon, noting that the partnership with Jeff Bezos’ company represented only a small part of its business. However, the logistics giant stressed that it will continue to work with the e-commerce company in other forms of…

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Use Dark patterns to improve your conversions. This is how E-commerce giants trick us with a cheat web design

Startups should learn from big and established companies . Dark Patterns is other thing that startups can apply to improve his businesses. Dark Patterns I have a challenge for you, dear readers: try to find in less than a minute the option to close the Amazon account. It is not…

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Amazon expands and already has 50 aircrafts to send only packages 📦

Two and a half years ago, Amazon announced that it was making its own fleet of 20 aircraft to deliver packages with the highest speed worldwide. Little by little they have been adding more aircraft to the fleet, and today they have announced the addition of more units to reach…

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Yes, e-commerce can compete against Amazon, and this is the only way

In a world in which the electronic commerce sector is dominated by Amazon, those brands that want to follow in their footsteps should attend to the following reflections. Amazon can boast of being the king of e-commerce. Its continued growth has resulted in a 49% share of the e-Commerce market…

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