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“Female tech talent”: Laboratory teaches exclusive programming courses for women

Aware that it is necessary to have more women in the field of technology, the social startup Laboratorio, designed a six-month intensive course called “Bootcamp”, which teaches programming exclusively to women. An instance that holds open calls throughout the year. Tech and women The world of technology represents a great…

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Knowing how to program will be as important as learning English?

Entrepreneurs of startups, developers and ‘hacktivists’ suggest that in the near future, programming will become a daily digital necessity as today it is to know how to send an email. Since the advent of computers, technological developments have been based on programming. With technical advances it is unknown what the…

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In programming languages, the ones that you like the most are not the most popular (nor the ones that give the most money)

Many of those who want to start programming have the same question: what programming language to learn? The answer, as always depends and shows a new survey that makes it clear that the languages that developers love most are not those who earn more money. The survey carried out in…

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