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Fintech Revolution is taking over regular and online banks – here are the NeoBanks

Nobody can deny that money is something vital in our lives: it allows us to travel, create companies, invest, or buy assets, among many other things. And that is why a new way of understanding banking is being developed as we know it today, and as it always was: neobanks…

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If you have a startup then take advantage of the fintech revolution

Innovation is the engine of progress, since it alters the status quo and forces established players to improve their game. But if it is not handled correctly, it can also be destructive; and in this, innovation in financial technology (fintech) is no exception. New technologies developed by startups in the…

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What are Banks Doing about the Fintech Startups Revolution?

For some time now, a specific sector has become one of the greatest entrepreneurial revolutions in our recent history. And it is one of the current panaceas: mobile payment, personal finance management, corporate crowdfunding, money transfers between users … whatever their variations. The truth is that all investors are behind…

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The keys to the revolution of small vehicles in cities. Is the boom coming to LatAm cities?

The revolution of small vehicles in cities aims to solve in a sustainable way the problem of circulation. In various academic investigations, in books and even in a TED talk, the economist Sendhil Mullainathan popularized the concept of the “last mile problem” years ago. Mullainathan currently teaches in Chicago, went…

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The future of banking: adapt or die

Technological advances, especially mobility and hyperconnectivity, but also ‘big data’, artificial intelligence, the ‘cloud’ and ‘blockchain’, have caused a change in consumer behavior and business models. The union of these three forces has led to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is already remodeling the economy and society, and will continue…

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Pay in bitcoin from the browser? The W3C prepares that revolution with the support of Google and Apple

The World Wide Web Consortium, better known as W3C, is developing the so-called Payment Request API, libraries that could revolutionize payment systems through the browser to open the door to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This proposal still has a long way to go, but the support of Microsoft, Google, Facebook,…

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