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How Amazon is testing a cost effective package transportation system

Silver Firs is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Seattle, whose neighbors have occasionally seen a blue robot that, equipped with four wheels and decorated with the Amazon Prime logo, runs up and down the sidewalks of the area. Scout, because this is the name of this model of robot…

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A robot in charge of your investments: this is how robbery advisors work

Automated portfolio managers use algorithms to decide where to invest your money. Its advantages are greater profitability and lower costs due to lower commissions. Would you let an algorithm decide how to invest your money? Would you trust a robot to guide your investments? The number of people who do…

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Amazon, a step ahead in AI: presenting Scout, its first delivery robot

This week, the Amazon online store began Amazon Scout field trials: six six-wheeled robots that will deliver purchases to residents of Snohomish County in Washington. This is reported by the company’s blog. About Amazon Scout For several years, Amazon has been working on the automation of different stages of the…

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