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Tag: South Korea

The Government of Seoul Launches a ‘Blocks Chain Governance Team’ for state services

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched the Seoul Block Chain Governance Team to explore the benefits of the blockchain in administrative services, reports Yonhap News on January 31. According to the report, team members are investigating the potential of blockchain applications in various government services, including the online voting system.…

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South Korean Fintech company launches the first stablecoin

Fintech BxB Inc., based in South Korea, has launched the first alleged stable currency backed by the Korean won, according to a press release shared with the Cointelegraph on January 29. There was an initial beta release of the currency in Airswap, a decentralized exchange platform before the tokens were…

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Arbitrage of cryptocurrencies: What I have learned from my experiences

Lately, many posts have been talking about how traders get rich because of the arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market. I have tried arbitration for months, but I could never get a profitable strategy. However, I will tell you about the problems I encountered while trying. This can be beneficial…

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