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Tag: Startup ideas

Thinking of launching a startup? Here’s all you need to know about the market

The great technology and its way to revolutionize the economic game board Amazon Logistics Center in Madrid. / RC The way to sell Amazon, Uber or Airbnb force many traditional to change their strategy to survive. In recent years companies such as El Corte Inglés, Inditex or large car rental…

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Make you startup inclusive: Why is it important to include a third gender? Learn from Google

Until now, you could be like Ter and create small vignettes based on emoticons or a less artistic user and simply limit yourself to putting the “pachacho” icon to confirm that you were being ironic. But there was something we could not modify. These puppets that despite their simplicity have…

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Get familiar with these words if you want to create your startup

In the startup world a separate language is spoken. What does “Fly”, “Exit” or “Business Angel” actually mean? As an outsider you only understand station, if you talk to founders of startups. It seems they are speaking a foreign language. In fact, most terms are English – but have their…

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Why your company needs to be inclusive: Learn from the giant Google

Lookut is the new Google app that promises to help blind people to have greater independence. The Google team had already shared details of this app in Google I / O last year, anticipating some interesting aspects of its dynamics. And, now, they have finally launched this proposal on Google…

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