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The Tech Startups Helping Gujarat Go Beyond Traditional Businesses

Traditional businesses have risen to prominence but only a handful of tech startups have made a lasting impact on the state While Gujarat is practically known and has grown due to its traditional businesses when it came to tech, the state took a little longer than to catch up. Though…

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Learn about the differences between fintech marketing strategies vs traditional financial ones

Several years ago, many traditional financial companies began to turn their services towards digital services in order not to be left behind by new companies that combine technology with finance (Fintech), which allow products to be obtained economically and easily from a smartphone or a computer. being a clear example…

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Digital banking vs. traditional banking: differences and opportunities

There is no doubt that the irruption of the digital is no longer just a change in the ways of life but a progress of it. Traditional banking can no longer be maintained if it does not update its services and adapts to the demands of increasingly digitized consumer profiles.…

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All about fintechs: know how they differ from traditional financial services

In recent years we have heard more and more the term fintech, but in spite of it many people still do not know exactly what it refers to and the importance they will have not only for eCommerce in the country, but to streamline and improve our procedures financial at…

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