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Google teaches journalists to take their first steps in Real Time Content Insights and Google Trends

Reach journalists from Latin America, provide them with tools to accompany the digital transformation of the media and measure the traffic of their sites. These are the objectives of the monthly training via streaming of the Google News Initiative, Google’s global program to strengthen cross-platform journalism. The last training developed…

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Do we have the right to let Google forget our most sensitive and protected data? Well it depends

This week two sentences have been published on the Right to Forgetfulness that puts Google back in the spotlight. But what is the Right to Oblivion and at what point are we? Today I will talk about the famous judgment of Google Spain and Case C-136/17 GC and others against…

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Are the digital voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon safe for the privacy of their users?

A series of privacy errors in recent months have raised new concerns about the future of digital voice assistants, a growing market considered by some to be the next frontier of computing. Recent incidents involving devices from Google, Apple and Amazon giants show that despite the strong growth in the…

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Google plans to make it harder for you to be forced out of incognito mode to see websites

It is public domain that most browsers or browsers have an option in Incognito mode, however, many web pages often use resources to prevent users from using them when they visit their sites, this is something that Google Chrome wants to change. Indisputable, Internet has become a basic service for…

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Facebook Data: Microsoft, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon received private information from FB users

  Facebook has allowed more than 150 companies, such as Netflix, Spotify, the Real Bank of Canada or Amazon, to access the personal data of users of the social network despite the privacy protections that had been implemented according to the demands of official organizations. This Monday, The New York…

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