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Why is Microsoft Buying CyberX Israeli for $ 170 Million?

This is the fifth Israeli cyber company to purchase the tech giant in recent years A few days after Intel’s acquisition of Mobit – another signaling acquisition of an Israeli startup by technology giant: Microsoft will acquire Israeli startup CyberX, which develops industrial control system (IIoT) protection system. This is…

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A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment

A few days after the elections, what do international referents think about the future of the Argentine fintech segment Despite the complex economic and political landscape of 2019, Fintech references in the region welcome the future of the Argentine market At least from the point of view of entrepreneurs from…

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Startup scouting in Berlin: making bridges between startups and the corporative world

What are the technological trends of the future? Which are the most suitable startup solutions for a specific problem? Those are questions to deal with as a startup scout at the Startup Intelligence Center at Daimler Financial Services. The Startup Intelligence Center (SIC) is the entry point for all young…

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Complete Guide on Venture Capital in Latin America (main actors by country and reports on the state)

In this article, we will show the current landscape of the venture capital industry in LATAM with the main actors of the countries where the entrepreneurship hubs of the region are located. We hope you find it useful 😉 According to the latest report on the state of the Venture…

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A new Fintech Unicorn in Europe: Why N26 is such a success

Milestone for the German financial startup industry: According to a report of the “Handelsblatt” (e-paper edition), N26 has concluded a financing round of allegedly 260 million euros, thereby becoming the first German fintech unicorn. According to “HB”, the investors now quantify the value of the Berlin-based smartphone bank at around…

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The nightmare of Silicon Valley. Don’t open your business in Silicon Valley because it is suicide.

Silicon Valley is for a technological entrepreneur the same as Hollywood for an actor or Real Madrid for a footballer. In the universities, garages and student flats of some populations of this Californian region that precedes San Francisco, the germs of technological giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook and a…

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