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How to make your startup stand out? Learn from this wine startup case

Ingo Nassau does not give up. Dozens of times, the 54-year-old has already blown off the purchasing managers of supermarkets and discounters in Germany. “Such a nonsense, but no one buys” gets the sales expert from the Ruhr regularly heard. And the advice that he should finally come up with…

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Make your deals easier: Learn from the case of this wine startup deal

In the fourth installment of the current season of “2 Minutes 2 Million”, there was a bedbug trap to put in at night, the ability to organize dying online, a smart lamp and tattooed shoes. In addition, there were disputes between Hans Peter Haselsteiner and Leo Hillinger, culminating in the…

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This startup chose the traditional industry over a high-tech one

Startups are often associated with founders from the tech scene. Not least thanks to the Vox program “The Cave of the Lions”, the term Startup is also established among food founders. However, in traditional occupations and industries, young people are less likely to startup. Rebecca Materne and Janina Schmitt did…

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