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Women can give different vision to business

Technological ventures ceased to be an exclusive territory of men. Now there are more and more women who risk taking on aspects related not only to technology, but also to technical careers. This gave rise to WeXchange, the largest platform for STEM entrepreneurs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which is…

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“Female tech talent”: Laboratory teaches exclusive programming courses for women

Aware that it is necessary to have more women in the field of technology, the social startup Laboratorio, designed a six-month intensive course called “Bootcamp”, which teaches programming exclusively to women. An instance that holds open calls throughout the year. Tech and women The world of technology represents a great…

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Who said it?: “Blockchain helps build strength of spirit in women”

Sasha Ivanova is a crypto enthusiast, computer engineer, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business developer manager, mother and traveler. A Russian national, Ivanova left her native country in 2008 and set out to travel the world, landing shortly in Latin America. He has traveled and lived in different countries, including India, Peru,…

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Female is the future for founders: 1,000 VCs join forces in investor network

This number is saddening: just 2.2 percent of the venture capital granted in the US in 2018 went to women founders, the proportion was just as low in the previous year. In doing so, companies that were started by founders generate on average twice the profits. This is what a…

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Women are taking strong steps as entrepreneurs: Hear what they have to say

The changes produced by the digital revolution are introducing incredible possibilities, also accompanied by intimidating challenges. Therefore, digital literacy or learning about technology is already considered a critical skill for all people. According to a report by the GSMA, “the lack of digital skills and relevant content at the local…

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