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Amazon is quietly conquering its own website with a white label strategy similar to Mercadona’s

If something Amazon has taught us is that it is able to reinvent itself according to the times. Its white Solimo brand is proof of this, especially when imitating Nespresso coffee capsules. Curious, at least the similarities with the white Mercadona brand, Hacendado. The company that started with Jeff Bezos…

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How to advertise your startup on Google Ads Step by Step Guide 2019

When you start a business on the Internet, the most difficult thing is to get positioned in the first places, get a remarkable visibility and attract customers. Since, with the development of technology that is always in constant increase, there is much competition whatever the sector you work. However, Google…


“I made € 200,000 creating PowerPoints for 4 hours a week”. The story behind SlidesCarnival success

Jimena has been working as a web designer for 18 years. She is one of those veterans of the network who have lived, and suffered, all their times from within. Always trying, always thinking and, many times, failing. But now, almost two decades after that beginning, he reaps the fruits…

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Ten things that you can not stop doing with your Android as soon as you discover them

The battle of the ‘smartphones’ is between iOS and Android. Many prefer Apple phones for their exclusivity. Android has a pull for the variety of models and prices that brands offer with it. In addition, the operating system of the green robot has little-known utilities. Radars, cache memory, use of…

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Influencer marketing for startups

Influencer marketing is extremely efficient. Even without a big budget, startups can win influential advocates. What is an influencer? Influencers are opinion makers. They have influence, are considered trustworthy and reach a considerable audience. This makes them important multipliers for online marketing. Big brands have a considerable budget for influencer…

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Youtube Music: Will Spotify’s death be?

Google’s new music service Youtube Music has many similarities with Spotify but can already shake its competitor with new features and better search results, Di Digital and M3 write. Youtube Music, like the YouTube service, includes videos. But here are music videos, live performances and interviews with artists that complement…

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