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The Benefits Of Using The Data Extractor API In 2023

There are numerous options available when it comes to using APIs to get data from the web. But you should definitely give Codery a try if you’re looking for an API that is simple to use and get started with.

A free trial is available for Codery‘s open-source web scraping platform. It makes it simple to extract information from websites and save it in a structured format, such as CSV, JSON, or XML. Additionally, some of the greatest companies in the world depend on Codery as a key tool.

Codery is the best option if you’re new to APIs or web scraping. There is a ton of documentation and tools available to assist you in getting started, and it is quite easy to use.

So why not give Codery a try? You might be surprised at how easy and powerful it is.

The Benefits Of Using The Data Extractor API In 2023

The benefits of using a data extractor API at work

If you work in a field where data is crucial, you are aware of how crucial it is to have accurate and current information. In order to obtain the data they require, more and more businesses are resorting to web scraping APIs because doing so manually may be time-consuming and error-prone.

By automatically compiling data from online sources, a data extractor API can save you a ton of time and work. Your time could be freed up as a result to work on other aspects of your company. A web scraping API like our Codery can also assist you in avoiding mistakes that can happen while manually obtaining data.

Consider employing a web scraping API if your organization requires accurate and current data. It can help you save time, effort, and avoid mistakes.

The Benefits Of Using The Data Extractor API In 2023

What about the API’s pricing?

Do you think that the Codery is quite pricey?

Our Codery has four distinct plans to meet any of your (or your company’s) requirements.

The first is the non-cost plan, which includes 100 Requests per Month, Dedicated account Manager Service-level Agreement (SLA).

Following that is the Pro plan, which includes 100,000 Requests per Month, Dedicated account Manager Service-level Agreement (SLA) and the price is $49.99.

And finally the Pro Plus plan with 1,000,000 Requests monthly, Dedicated account Manager Service-level Agreement (SLA) JavaScript Rendering Rotating & Premium Proxies, Geotargeting, Extraction Rules for $99.99.

It’s important to remember that nothing long-term is committed. Your Codery plan can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled with a single click.

But, as if these three incredible plans weren’t enough, we now have a new Custom plan which includes the changing needs of your business.

We put a lot of effort into being able to provide this additional choice to people who need it most because we are aware that needs are constantly changing and being added to or taken from.

We hope we have convinced you to give our Codery a chance and that you and your company start to make a name for yourself on the internet using this type of tools that until a couple of years ago were even difficult to imagine.

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