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The Best Foreign Exchange API For Financial Departments

Do you work in a financial department? Well, in that case, surely you need to use this incredible tool. This is a foreign exchange API, and we believe that in your case, it will be very useful! For more information, we recommend you read this post to discover it!

The financial department is its own department that has the function of dealing with the economic responsibilities of a company. Likewise, its main function is to make the payments to which the company itself is obliged, as well as the management the items of expenses and income that it has. In this way, it can be understood that the financial department is fundamental since every company’s ultimate goal is to create value that allows it to obtain benefits with its activity, which directly depends on the economic management that is carried out with its finances.

A financial department is necessary as long as the financial volume of the company is too large to be managed without its own department. In reality, all companies have to carry out finances to maintain their activity. However, the functions of the financial department can be carried out by a single person when the activity of the company is small. This is the case for many freelancers and SMEs, who have a finance manager instead of a department fully dedicated to this activity.

But in the case of companies that work with international clients, currency conversion is very important. For this reason, we believe that Get Exchangr is the best tool for you to accomplish this task. The financial department of your company will be very happy to use it. In fact, it is the best foreign exchange API! You should use it!

Get Exchangr is the best foreign exchange API for financial departments

The year 2022 is about to end and therefore, you must start the year 2023 using the foreign exchange API, Get Exchangr. Thanks to this service, the financial departments of many companies are making currency conversions much easier! Imagine having customers from other countries who pay in other currencies. With this API, you will be able to convert those currencies to the official currency of your country. All this will be done with an incredible speed! If you purchase the PRO plan, you will be able to update these conversions every 60 seconds! It is an impressive speed!

Each plan offers a limited number of API Calls. The Pro plan ($50/month) offers 100,000 API Calls per month, while the Growth plan ($15/month) offers only 10,000 API Calls per month. But even if you would like to get an unlimited number of API Calls, the best option is to purchase the enterprise price. You will need to contact Get Exchangr to find out more information about that plan.

It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, they all include Premium Support, Historical Data, All Base Currencies and many useful endpoints! In fact, the customer service of this company is excellent and they will help you with any problem or question you may have. You just have to send an email or write a message in the virtual chat that you will find when you enter the website. Definitely, the financial department of your company needs to use Get Exchangr. What are you waiting for? Use this awesome foreign exchange API!

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