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The Best Web Scraper API For Worldwide Companies

Are you part of a worldwide company that has been looking all over the internet for the best web scraper? Do you think you have found it? Well, unless it is Codery API do not have the best API for the job. Allow us to tell you all about this brilliant API that can help you collect information in seconds from any website you want.

Why is this the best web scraper and not another API?

There are thousands of online tools, apps, websites and programs with which you could extract that from the webpages. We do not say the contrary. What we do say is that there is only one that is worthy of employing, and that is Codery API. We are extremely aware of how impactful this sounds, so harsh, but it is true. Nothing can be compared to this technology.


Codery API is a trustworthy, accurate and efficient system that puts you and your company above anything else. All you have to do is pass a website’s URL and the API will immediately get you a result. The best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money or time worrying and stressing over scraping the web because the API will do it all for you. And, since it renders it with JavaScript it is simple and organized so that everyone can read it easily.

The website you analyse will go from this To this

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You will be able to get only the information you need and nothing else from a website. This is absolutely useful if you are either a developer or a market analyst. Thanks to Codery API, they can use the information extracted directly because it was rendered with JavaScript.

If you are a market analyst, or from another profession, and do not know what JavaScript is, allow us to explain. This is a programming language that intends to ease programmers’ and developers’ lives. It is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

Computer, language, coding, programming illustration - Download on  Iconfinder
Codery API is the best web scraper ever!

But how does it work?

That is simple. Codery API not only offers quality answers but they are affordable and easy to obtain as well. All there is to do is visit the API’s website and sign up. Yes! That is all. You can simply tap any image that we have here and be redirected to the API’s website. And once you are there all that is left is registering to the API. You can pick between three different plans to subscribe to and you will be done.

Firstly, there is the “DEMO” plan, which is uncharged and grants 100 API calls a month. This plan includes one concurrent request, JavaScript rendering, rotating and premium proxies, geotargeting and extraction rules. Secondly, you will find the “FREELANCER” plan. This will cost you $49.9 USD a month and grants you 100,000 API calls a month, five concurrent requests, JavaScript rendering, rotating and premium proxies, geotargeting and extraction rules. Lastly, Codery API offers one last plan which is the “STARTUP” plan. It costs $99.9 USD and provides you with 1,000,000 API calls per month, and 10 concurrent requests. Nonetheless, unlike the other two plans, this one provides priority email support and a dedicated account manager as well as the same things the other plans grant.

Codery API‘s page

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