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The first Security Token Offering (STO) is on point

One of the first security token offering (STO) was recently initiated in the neighboring Swiss country.

ICOs or STOs?

In contrast to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), STOs are considered the safer option. Because this type of funding has come under heavy pressure and observation due to some scams and scams in recent years.

This new form of security token financing offers several benefits, as these tokens behave like a security. That means: on the one hand, there is a profit sharing of the investors, the tokens are more strictly regulated and higher disclosure and registration requirements are placed on the company.

All this offers investors much more security. Therefore, many experts here see a huge future market and potential. In this specific case, the token is subject to the European Economic Area (EEA) – therefore Swiss and investors from other countries are excluded at the moment. However, they are working on a solution to give Swiss investors the opportunity.

STO is performed by edeXa

Now the first STO has officially started. This is done by edeXa. The company offers blockchain services to companies, with a focus on the supply chain. The soft cap – a kind of financing target – has already been exceeded with 500,000 euros. As can be seen from the website, the token sale is in pre-sale 1. Up to one million tokens are spent at the rate of 28 cents. This is followed by another 1.5 million tokens at 32 cents. In the main phase, twelve million tokens will be sold at a price of 36 cents.

Due to the legal and regulatory security, STO – Security Token Offerings are predicted a great future. Of course, it remains to be seen how it evolves, but the beginning has been made.

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