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The Greatest API To Obtain Lithium Rates

Have you ever heard about the best API to get the prices of metals like lithium? Well, in the next post, we will tell you much more information about this new tool that will be very helpful. It’s the best precious metals API.

The name of this element derives from the Greek word “lithos”, which means stone. Lithium is a metallic type, white or silver in color and is chemically reactive. In fact, it is the lightest metal in weight and has a low melting point. In addition, it is a metal with highly valued properties: high electrical conductivity, low viscosity, very light and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Due to its reactive property, it is not found naturally in its pure metallic form, but mixed in minerals and salt flats, where it is extracted to be converted into compounds and derivatives.

Lithium can be found in pegmatites, brines, oil wells, geothermal fields, clays and even in the oceans, the first two being what have proven to be more profitable for extraction. The main use of this resource is for the manufacture of mobile batteries for cell phones or computers, even for electric cars. It is also used for ceramics and glass, lubricating greases, foundry powders, and polymer production or air treatment. It has even been a key player in the military industry. For example, in the United States it has been used, among other programs, in air defense missiles. While in the health field, lithium carbonate has been used for years in prevention and treatment of manic episodes.

Many scientists and specialists comment that lithium is the metal of the future and that new discoveries will be made in the coming years. However, its price is increasing more and more, so it is necessary to use the best API for metal prices. Fortunately, we have an excellent option for you and its name is Metals-API!

Give Metals-API a try!

This API (Application Programming Interfaces) called Metals-API, aims to allow the exchange of information between two independent software components. It was created so that investors, traders and anyone else interested in seeing the prices of metals such as gold, silver or lithium can do so easily and quickly. Due to the constant increases in the “metal of the future” or “white gold”, it is very important for businessmen to be up-to-date with international prices and thus buy it at the best price. Don’t worry about your country of origin, Metals-API works with more than 170 currencies from around the world and will allow you to obtain lithium prices in the official currency of your nation.

How much does it cost?

Fortunately, Metals-API is free and you can use it without paying anything. But it is also true that there are paid plans, which will offer you greater benefits, such as more “API calls” and 60-second updates. We recommend you enter the website and analyze which is the best option for you.

Is it safe?

The connection to the Metals-API API is encrypted using bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption. In other words, your personal data will be very well protected.

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