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The Importance Of Email Verification For Digital Customer Journey

This article will approach why an email verification API is so important, especially regarding the digital customer journey. Now let’s begin!

The digital process that a consumer goes through platforms refers to the digital customer journey. It starts when a user realizes they have a need for something and ends when they purchase a good or service to address such need. Evidently, this is a journey that can apply to different platforms, but this article will focus on email.

Email is an interface all companies use to connect with their clients. Some businesses use it more frequently than others ones. For example, an eCommerce will use it as a way to receive questions or as a tool to track orders. Even, to provide exclusive data and more. On the contrary, other types of companies will just use it as a way to send ads. It all depends on their goals but like all firms, they do share the goal of increasing clients and providing a good customer journey. Here is where I open the door to the importance of an email verification API.

Email Verification

The Importance Of Email Verification API

An application programming interface that focuses on the verification of emails has become essential for companies. This is due to the fact that emails has grown to be a leading platform businesses use to increase recognition and clients. To achieve such a purpose they must be able to provide a positive digital customer journey. Hence, this essential provision starts by getting rid of those email domains that add nothing but space.

An email verification API will help you target those email domains that do not actually exist, are disposable, and possess existing typos. Even, those emails that were real at the time but are no longer in use. Consequently, with this kind of knowledge your company will be able to direct its investments, information, ads, and campaigns to those email domains that deserve it. Hence, provide them with a positive experience.

Look at it this way, let’s say a company puts the same time and investments into a fake domain and a real one. Evidently, the effort is cut in half. Hence, the part that is actually real won’t be receiving the attention it could.

As a result, this client won’t receive the best experience. Plus, if you reduce those emails that do not add benefits, you can offer your actual clients more benefits. After all, the expenditure will be completely towards them. As a consequence, you will also target with better ease those clients who are starting their customer journey and those who are ending it. They both are important but do deserve different strategies.

E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector:

There are tons of email verification APIs on the market, but none like the E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector API. This is an API that will help any company offer a top-class digital customer journey.  Such email API posses as a focal point for the validation of email domains. Consequently, the email verification API has responses that answer if the email is valid or invalid.

Moreover, the Email Verificator API will also tell you if there are any disposable emails navigating through your database. With all the data this API will provide, you will then count on the possibilities of improving the digital customer experience of those who deserve it!

Email Verification

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