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The Most Important Forex Market Success Factor: A Forex API

Are you looking to dive into the Forex Market? Then get yourself a Forex API ASAP!

The world is becoming increasingly globalized. In terms of the economy, there are no longer any geographical limits to doing business. For instance, with the rise of technology, investors can now access and trade their assets anywhere in the world. The benefit of this is that they can operate in multiple countries at once; and generate income from several different currencies.

However, they must also deal with an increasingly complex financial environment; and a multitude of global currencies that they must keep track of simultaneously. So overall, anyone that want to dive into the forex market needs to be able to convert all these currencies into their local currency effectively; or face an enormous amount of confusion. Fortunately for them, a Forex API is here to help!

What is a Forex API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which allows one platform to interact with another. Many companies use APIs to not only control their own systems and data but also to interact with others in a way that can benefit all parties. Now, when it comes to a Forex API, this tool is a piece of software that provides access to useful information in the Forex (foreign exchange/currency) market.

Why should you use Exchangr API?

Well, because is the best forex API out there. Exchangr is a foreign exchange API that employs JSON data to give accurate and trustworthy forex data on more than 170 world currencies. Hence, this API allows you get updated information about international exchange rates and currency conversions, as well as obtain historical data about them.

And what’s more, this forex APi may be quickly incorporated into you website without the need for scripting or coding anything. This is due to ist WordPress Plugin that allows you to display the most recent currencies (Dollars, Pounds, CAD, and so on) on your webpage or application. With the use of short codes and an unique WP Editor, the plugin contains complete options to show desired date rates as well as the most recent rates. With Exchangr, you and your visitors will be on the current about what is happening in the forex market at any time of the day!

Also, Exchangr is very easy to use! Just take a look at this:

How much does Exchangr cost?

Let us tell you that Exchangr has three different plans. However, the first one is completely free! If your needs are simple, or if you are just beginning to invest or buy/sell overseas, we specially recommend you the Small Plan. This is a very-complete plan that offers:

  • 250 API request /month
  • Limited Support
  • Hourly Updates
  • Historical Data
  • All Base Currencies
  • Endpoints: Conversion, Timeseries, Fluctuation

However, if you already know your way into foreign exchange, we figure the Growth Plan is more suited for you. This is because, it can offer greater API access, more benefits and access to advanced features. For a reasonable monthly price of USD 10 you’ll get all the listed benefits plus: 10.000 API requests every month; Premium Support; and updates every 10 minutes!

Furthermore, if you are an expert who owns a business that buys/sells overseas, a professional developer, or part of an international company definitely Exchangr’s Pro Plan is made for you. For USD 45 monthly, you will receive enhanced API access, 100.000 API request per month, Premium Support, and 60-second Updates; as well as everything else that was listed before!

Now, which one should you use? That’s up to you! Visit the Pricing site by clicking here and learn more about it!

With all this data in mind, you are ready to succeed in the world’s most exciting market! Use Exchangr now and thrive!

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