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The Must Have Spam Protection API For Any Company

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) offers several options for consumers who want to block spam calls. Consumers can talk to their phone service provider to activate their spam call-blocking service; although additional charges may be associated with this. Also, third-party applications can be useful to block calls suspected of being spam. In the case of companies, it is best to opt for this second option. Therefore, keep reading The Must Have Spam Protection API For Any Company; we will tell you about Check Spam Callers API a tool that will solve the spam problem.

It’s hard to quantify exactly how many robocalls there are. However, Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); estimates that some 2.4 billion calls are made each month. When there are no specific figures on the number of unwanted calls that use a recorded message instead of a direct caller, customer complaints are a good indicator.

The Must Have Spam Protection API For Any Company

Spam calls: a modern problem

Thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, consumers can register their telephone numbers in the national registry Do Not Call Registry. This list is a way to stop calls from legitimate telemarketers, as companies have legally to adhere to the list. However, spam calls may not comply with this law.

The Federal Communications Commission restrictions on robbed calls do not apply to charities, but charities can be affected by spam callers and call recipients who are too frustrated to pick up the phone. phone for a good cause.

Individuals have filed lawsuits alleging that the mere fact of receiving a robocall has caused them harm. Robocall Lawsuits They allege that the inconvenience and inconvenience of robocalls amount to an invasion of privacy, intrusion into privacy, and emotional distress.

Call-stealing lawsuits also allege that these calls consume valuable time and energy, use up part of a person’s cell phone plan, and even cause wear and tear on the phone itself. Both companies and individuals can suffer damage, economic loss, and harm as a result of spam calls.

If you have been illegally contacted through the use of a spam autodialer, you may be able to file a lawsuit. However, it is not necessary to wait for this to happen. Hiring a service like Check Spam Callers API can avoid this situation.

Check Spam Callers API

This API will provide you with information to check if an incoming call is a spam. With coverage for more than 60 countries. The only thing you will need is the incoming call number and you will be provided with a message if the call is spam or not.  Check Spam Callers API is ideal for those developers that need to implement a spam check in their software. Prevent your users from receiving spam calls. Also, you will be able to filter your phone’s databases and determine if those numbers are spam or not. Besides, other than the number of API calls per month, there are no other limitations. 

The Must Have Spam Protection API For Any Company

If you want to learn more about this Check Spam Callers API, read How To Start Using The Spam Checker API

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