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The Power Of Vessel Tracking: Why Every Shipping Business Needs This API

Do you want to know the power of vessel tracking? If so, keep reading to find out!

Vessel tracking is a crucial part of any shipping business. This is because it allows them to track a vessel’s location and status in real-time. This way, they can be sure that their cargo is safe and on-time.

Logistics and shipping are intricate operations with numerous moving elements. When transporting goods across the country or around the world, there are numerous different aspects to take into account. Making sure that your shipments are always traced and monitored is one of the most crucial considerations. This can be challenging, particularly if you’re delivering a lot of packages.

We should Talk About Some Of Its Advantages For Developers:

  1. It provides real-time vessel tracking so you can ensure their safe arrival at their location.
  2. You may utilize it to find out more about other ships so you can prepare for any possible hazards.
  3. It allows you to access weather information so you can plan your travels appropriately.
  4. You can also access info about currents to plan your routes appropriately.

However, not all vessel tracking APIs are created equal. Some offer more features than others, and some are more user-friendly than others. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use vessel tracking API, we recommend using Vessel Traffic Information API.

What Is Vessel Traffic Information API?

Vessel Traffic Information API is a vessel tracking tool that provides real-time data on vessel movements around the world. This means that business will be able to track vessels from any port in the world.

This API is perfect for any business that needs to track vessels. This is because it provides detailed information on vessels; such as their name, IMO number, flag, type, and destination port.

Additionally, Vessel Traffic Information API provides its users with information on the current position of vessels; as well as their predicted future position. This way, businesses can anticipate any delays or changes in their shipments.

How Can A Vessel Traffic Information API Benefit Your Shipping Business?

A Vessel Traffic Information API can benefit any shipping business in a number of ways:
First off, this tool will help them keep track of their shipments; so they can ensure that their cargo arrives safely at its destination.

Additionally, a Vessel Traffic Information API can help businesses save money by allowing them to plan their shipments more efficiently. This way they will save money on fuel costs and won’t have to ship their cargo during peak season.

How Can You Get Started With This API?

1-Visit the Zyla API Hub first. It is a marketplace for APIs. Locate and sign up for the Vessel Traffic Information API. (this API offers a 7-days trial).
2-You will then receive your personal API key so that you may access the tool.
3-The chosen endpoint should be used. It might be:


4-Complete the necessary information and call the API. You will receive the data in a matter of seconds thanks to this API!

Here is an illustration of an API response that demonstrates how to get ship information by ship ID, for example in this case we select ” GET VESSEL DATA BY SHIP ID” endpoint:

API Responses:
"status": "ok",
"ship_info": {
"country_code": "CA",
"reported_draught": "4m",
"port_data_x": "-76.36864",
"port_data_y": "39.3113",
"last_pos": 1659035607,
"elapsed": 1659035607,
"timezone_offset": -240,
"vsl_length": 98,
"vsl_code": "",
"type_summary": "Passenger",
"ship_id": "353064",
"ship_type": "6",
"mmsi": "316040593",
"imo": "9481805",
"type_name": "Ro-Ro/Passenger Ship",
"country": "Canada",
"shipname": "KAMUTIK W",
"course": "81",
"dwt": "900",
"speed": "12.40",
"ship_lat": "54.94373",
"ship_lon": "-58.16574",
"draught": "40",
"last_port_id": "24974",
"last_port_name": "HAPPY VALLEY",
"last_port_country": "CA",
"last_port_unlocode": "CAHVY",
"next_port_id": "6615",
"next_port_name": "GOOSE",
"next_port_country": "US",
"next_port_unlocode": "",
"station_operator": "Atlantic Electronics Limited",
"station_id": "10209",
"status_name": "Underway Using Engine",
"max_draught": "4m",
"dest_rep": "GOOSE BY",
"triangle_pos": 30.692243536280234,
"departure_port_info_tooltip": "HAPPY VALLEY [CA]",
"departure_port_info_country_code": "CA",
"departure_port_info_port_code": "HVY",
"departure_port_info_id": "24974",
"departure_port_info_portTime": 1658679120,
"departure_port_info_offset": "-180",
"last_port_timestamp": 1658679120,
"arrival_port_info_tooltip": "GOOSE [US]",
"arrival_port_info_country_code": "",
"arrival_port_info_port_code": "",
"arrival_time_datetime": 1659088800,
"arrival_time_offset": "-240",
"eta_reported": 1659088800

Now accessible is a seven-day trial of this API. If you want to receive more API requests, you have a lot of options that will all more than suffice. Thank goodness, all popular debit and credit cards are accepted by Zyla API Hub. This payment system is powered by Stripe, one of the most well-known payment processors in the world, and uses the most advanced security technologies available.

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