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The smart and powerful speaker you need

It’s called Sonic Boost 210 and on the outside it looks like a normal wireless speaker, it’s inside where it keeps its biggest peculiarity. This proposal from Motorola and Binatone involves the voice of three of the most used intelligent assistants: Alexa, from Amazon; Google Assitant, from Google; and Siri, from Apple.

Another of its virtues is ubiquity. Its 8x8x 3.5 centimeters in size and 122 grams of weight which is lighter than most of the phones are enough arguments to put it in your pocket and take it to party anywhere. The device can be connected to the mobile phone via bluetooth or a cable entry. It is with this technology that you access the phone to connect to Alexa, Google or Siri. Set an alarm, check the weather, access the latest news, play trivia, listen to the radio or add a product to the shopping list are some of the actions we can take with these assistants. And listening to music, we forgot.

In the field of sound quality you can not ask much more from a compact team like this. It is enough to decently listen to any content on the beach or the field, but without separating too much from the team. Do not expect high fidelity, it’s not your job. In return, its price is 25 euros and offers a range of 4 hours of reproduction.

It is so compact that the possibility of losing it will always be there. Therefore Motorola and Binatone have decided to include the possibility of locating it if the case is reached. To do this you have to download the Hubble Connect for Vervelife application on your phone. It is available in the Google and Apple app stores, and then follow the instructions. This app is also used to connect with Alexa. Siri and Google Assistant connect at the same moment that the bluetooth speaker connects to the phone.

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