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The Top Features Of The Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API

The cost of living in a certain location depends on various factors and has an impact on many issues. Developers devise tools for their clients who are concerned about these indeces.

There are applications available for cost of living and average prices so that developers can build on them tailored applications to meet their clients´ needs and expectations.

The Top Features Of The Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API

The Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API is a tool that provides information about cities and countries, and their average prices, as well as their cost of living. This means that this tool will help find out how much it costs to live in different places around the world.  This is a useful tool for many reasons, and serves a purpose to corporates and government officials, ordinary citizens and researchers, as it gives information about the cost of living and average prices in a given location. This allows to budget expenses over a certain period.

This API is also useful for tourism, to find out how much things cost in different cities around the world. This way the traveller prevents bitter surprise when they get there and see how much things cost. Lastly, this API is also useful for companies who want to define salary schemes and wage adjustments plans. This way they can see how these costs vary from place to place, and plan their business strategy accordingly.

As we have seen, this API has many useful features, namely to provide information about cities all around the world. These cities are organized by country, and it furnishes information about average prices and cost of living. In addition, this API uses current data from Numbeo, which is a well-known website that provides data on cities all around the world. This means that one can be sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

The API has 4 endpoints: Get Countries, Get Cities by Country, Cost Of Living By Country, Cost of Living By City. It supports more than 8000 cities throughout the world, 35 currencies, and a long list of headings that count for estimating the CoL.

How To Use This API

For business owners who want to expand their operations to other countries, or to provide information about cities in one´s website or app, then this API is the most appropriate tool. It can also be used to compare the CoL in different cities, or even compare different aspects in the same city. Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API is very easy to use and furnishes accurate data in an easy-to-understand format (JSON).

The Top Features Of The Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API

To get started, counting on a subscription on Zyla API Hub marketplace, just start using, connecting and managing APIs. Subscribe to Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API by simply clicking on the button “Start Free Trial”. Then meet the needed endpoint and simply provide the search reference. Make the API call by pressing the button “test endpoint” and see the results on display. The AI will process and retrieve an accurate report using this data.

Cities Cost Of Living And Average Prices API examines the input and processes the request using the resources available (AI and ML). In no time at all the application will retrieve an accurate response. If the input is Brazil in no time the API will retrieve all the necessary information about all aspects to draw an accurate index of CoL and Average Prices, including restaurants prices, food and beverages, market prices, clothing, real estate, insurance, education, and many more. The response will look like this, though this is only an extract of the output:

{ "Version": 1, "Country Name": "Brazil", "City Name": "", "Cost of Living Month Total": "572.1", "Currency": "USD", "Note": "Total cost of living in Brazil for two person with average consumption for one month will be 572.1 USD, no rent price included", "Status": 200, "Success": true, "Restaurants prices": [ { "Cost": "Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant", "Value": "3.86" }, { "Cost": "Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course", "Value": "19.30" }"Transportation prices": [ { "Cost": "One-way Ticket, Local Transport", "Value": "0.73" }, { "Cost": "Monthly Pass, Regular Price", "Value": "33.88" }, { "Cost": "Taxi Start, Normal Tariff", "Value": "0.97" }"Utilities Per Month prices": [ { "Cost": "Basic utilities for 85m2 Apartment including Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage", "Value": "48.16" }, { "Cost": "Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local, price per 1 min, No Discounts or Plans", "Value": "0.26" }, { "Cost": "Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL", "Value": "20.16" }
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