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The World’s Most Trusted Spell And Grammar Checker API In 2022

Have you ever seen an internet advertisement or noticed a spelling or grammar mistake in a billboard? Consumers frequently hold firms to a standard of informational, entertaining, and error-free marketing. You might hesitate to make a purchase if you notice spelling and grammar errors in their advertising or on social media.

Nobody wants to part with their hard-earned money to someone who doesn’t seem to care enough to proofread their writing. Businesses need to be aware of typical errors, learn from others’ experiences, and take their time to avoid mistakes.Your customers may be less inclined to think favorably of your company if you have faults on your website, social media accounts, email campaigns, or adverts. 1,003 social media users were polled by a London-based digital business, and the results showed that 42.5% of respondents said spelling errors would make them less likely to buy products or services.

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The average amount of time it takes to grab a user’s attention on your website or social media platforms is 6 seconds. It’s crucial that a spelling issue doesn’t give users the wrong impression right away. Find effective editing and proofreading techniques to prevent alienating potential clients. Among the most common spelling and grammar mistakes in English we can find: not including silent letters as tt can be tempting to add silent -es where they don’t belong because they frequently appear at the end of words, especially for young children who are still learning how to spell; altering the finals of the words as there are numerous identical parts that appear at the beginning and end of words in English. There are several spelling errors due to the difference between the suffixes -ible and -able and finally reversing the order of letters because for foreign loan words with consonant or vowel sequences that are uncommon in other English terms, letter order might be particularly challenging.

In order to avoid all these mistakes,one of the most useful and helpful tools that you can use in order to not scare any clients away and make sure your writing piece is correct, is to start using APIs.

The Spell and Grammar Checker API provided by Zyla Labs will do the job just fine. The API will recognize any grammar and spelling mistakes in your application. You will be provided with a JSON object which contains all the identified mistakes, grammatical recommendations, and more. In case you are wondering how the API works, The text to be checked will be sent to the API, and it will return all faults and potential fixes in a single JSON object.

The Most Common Uses Of This API

  • You can direct your users using this API if they spell a term incorrectly. It improves the UX experience by making it simple for users to edit what they just written.
  • Prevent users from entering incorrect text in your input text fields.
  • Additionally, if you run a blog, this tool is perfect for checking the articles before publishing to make sure no words are missing or incorrect.
  • This API also offers context regarding the misspelled word, such as whether it was a typo or an upper-lower case error. In this way, you can make sure that you will not make the same mistake twice.

Another great aspect about the Spell and Grammar Checker API is that there are no other restrictions other than the monthly cap on API requests.

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