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These Content Safety APIs Will Meet Your Company Needs For Sure

Are you looking for a tool that can help you enhance the security of your business? Then, these content safety APIs will meet your company needs for sure. Just read to the end and find everything you need to know about them!

There are several reasons why companies are starting to implement content safety APIs in their work routines. Firstly, because of the intention to protect their integrity and data as much as possible. Secondly, to protect their image in front of other companies and customers, specially on the adtech market.

A content safety API can provide confidence score data for any domain, as well as a confidence score for a site. In addition, it can provide an accurate answer whether a web page is safe or not. 

What they analyse in order to be able to provide these results is: The configuration of a target domain, SSL connections made by them, and SSL certificates, the configuration of DNX MX records and the associated mail servers, the WHOIS details for the domain, the name server configuration, a domain’s IP address infrastructure, and the outcomes of a reverse IP lookup.

As a result, these APIs, also called confidence score or domain reputation APIs, can tell you which sites you should avoid from your company’s network, on the one hand, and which sites you should try not to link to your site, on the other hand. In addition, they can help you improve your own site’s image, so that it appears in searches performed by search engine machines, and so that it attracts ads.

Below, we will introduce you to the best content safety APIs available on the market, so that you can implement them in your company.

Domain Reputation And Children Safety API

The market’s most productive domain API at the moment is this one. You may simply get information about any domain’s security with its help. Simply make an API call, and this tool will respond with true or false, with true denoting “safe”. As a result, it will also provide you with a confidence rating from 1 to 100, with 1 denoting the riskiest domain.

By letting you know which websites you shouldn’t visit, the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API can also assist you in avoiding frauds, cyberattacks, and maintaining the security of your devices. You may try it out for free to see how it works on the Zyla API Hub.

This API endpoint ascertains whether a domain name has been employed maliciously, for example, as a source of threats or email authorisation. It rates the reputation of the domain: the riskier the domain, the lower the score. A high number denotes the domain’s popularity, whereas a low score denotes neutrality. A database of IP addresses, domain names, emails, passwords, and credit card BIN/IIN numbers can be found at

Domain Reputation API

You may rapidly assess a domain or IP address, whether it belongs to you or someone else, by using the Domain Reputation API. Hundreds of parameters are used by the tool to calculate reputation scores. It can look into the website’s content, connections to other domains, host setup, and whether the domain is marked as potentially harmful in any of the many malware data feeds that are dispersed over the Internet. It does include information on the WHOIS record and nameserver setup of the domain, as well as the mail exchanger (MX) record configuration and related mail servers.

We have already introduced you to the best content safety APIs available online in 2022, that will surely meet your company needs. Give them a pick and enhance your company’s security!

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