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They affirm that the ecosystem of fintech companies is growing significantly in Argentina

According to Pablo Bruzzo, CEO of Moni (a firm dedicated to payments and loans), Argentina’s fintech ecosystem is growing exponentially, generating debates, expectations and reactions of all kinds. This was stated through El Cronista, on March 24.

Bruzzo affirmed that there is talk of the “Fintech Revolution”, and that this is “a good definition of the situation of an industry with disruptive DNA”, which is challenging the status quo of the financial market and traditional banking, with its business models , its regulation and its processes. “But this revolution also puts the competitive scenario between fintech players and even technology itself to the test, and what that technology can do to improve the user experience and its potential to expand the possibilities of saving and consuming each time more people”, he said.

“As an industry, we have come to this revolution today, having come a long way”. In this way, there are examples, such as those that emerged from the Financial Innovation Table of the BCRA (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic), which speak clearly about the importance it has for a developing industry like ours, to have regulators that understand the value of innovation, to understand that industries like ours require public policies that promote it, so that the rules of the game accompany evolution, but without generate barriers to their development, “he added.

On the other hand, Bruzzo pointed out that the regulatory framework of an industry such as fintech must be flexible enough to be able to accompany the evolution of technology and lay the foundations of the future to be built, in which this evolution will be the catalyst that will mobilize its time the evolution of banking and the financial market.

The executive believes that Argentina’s economy has much to gain if it is achieved that an intelligent use of technology allows many more people access to financial services. For him, the gain would be manifested in the tax and fiscal sphere, in equal opportunities and in a greater development of the formal economy.

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