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This Text Translation and Language Detector API Will Level Up Your Company!

According to specialists, in August 2013 there were more than 717 million websites compared to 176 million available at the end of April 2008. As a result, the ever-increasing volume of multilingual web content makes machine translation software an essential application for daily use. Without machine translation software, most of those websites would never have been translated. Continue reading This Text Translation and Language Detector API Will Level Up Your Company! and make sure your business stays competitive.

This Text Translation and Language Detector API Will Level Up Your Company!

Dizzying growth in user demand for multilingual content

Every year the number of Internet users grows dramatically. According to data from Internet World Stats, currently, the number of Internet users globally exceeds 2,400 million; with Asia being the continent that concentrates the largest number of users. Specifically, China represents more than 22% of the total Internet audience. These users seek information in their native language and rely on machine translation to understand the information in foreign languages.

Increased use of costless web translation services presents new risks to corporate interests
Millions of pages and documents are translated for costless every day by Internet translation services, including the most used search engines. This trend creates concerns in corporations regarding confidentiality and security.

Business content expands

The amount of content created and maintained in companies for different initiatives is enormous and continues to grow every day. Since human translation is expensive, most of this content remains in a single language. Customizable for specific domains and business goals, SYSTRAN solutions help companies translate and deliver their content to users around the world in more than 60 languages. Simply put, with a solution from SYSTRAN, every company, large or small, can leverage and capitalize on existing information and achieve additional ROI by creating multilingual content from a document source.

Publish or extract the essentials?

The initial use of machine translation was just for the mere fact of extracting the essentials or general understanding of the content of information in a foreign language. As the technology has evolved, it has achieved better quality translation results that have been suitable for publishing multilingual content. Built-in features to customize specific domains and business goals, along with open APIs for easier integration with third-party applications, have led to new corporate implementations of publishing language translation software solutions within enterprise content management systems.

What do customers want?

MT customers want a cost-effective solution that offers “good enough” translation quality and saves time. The expression “good enough”, which is often used in business environments, means that the translations must exceed the quality threshold defined by the company. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as by customizing the SYSTRAN software or by enforcing language consistency and terminology control. The initial cost to reach the quality threshold for each target domain depends on all existing linguistic assets, such as glossaries, translation memories, and translated texts. But companies also have to consider the relative cumulative costs of improving the translation quality of existing domains, or the quality of new domains. In short, those investments must be profitable. MT must be accurate, fast on current hardware, easy to maintain, and must result in savings on existing translation costs.

Text Translation and Language Detector API

This API’s goal is to assist you in determining the language of any text you provide it with. Additionally, you will have the option of dynamically translating your preferred texts. Text Translation and Language Detector API is perfect for businesses or users who deal with international traffic. Displaying your content in the language of your choice will help you provide different options for different users. Additionally, translating those texts will assist you in expanding the audience for your content.

This Text Translation and Language Detector API Will Level Up Your Company!

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)?

Just pass the text that you want to translate or detect the language from. You will be receiving either the language or the new text translated. 

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