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Top 3 AI Content Generators APIs For Content Marketers

Content marketers have always faced the struggle of having to write on-subject messages, which have to be different each time. Creating one good caption can be challenging enough, so developing engaging and varied content for months can be exhausting.

They are helped by AI (Artificial Intelligence)  to perform their tasks in a more efficient way. After an initial configuration, content generator APIs enable you to write plenty of content pieces in the blink of an eye. These APIs accomplish tasks that would normally require human logic, knowledge and decision-making. As a result, you obtain high-quality website content.

There are hoards of product description APIs to use for this purpose. In this article, you will find the top three tools used by content marketers. Creating your messages will be a before and an after in your business.

Description Builder API’s

The Description Builder API‘s user-friendly machine learning algorithms enable you to dynamically construct descriptions for your online store’s products. This displays behaviour that is human-like.

The only information our API requires from you is the name of your product and a brief description. The API processes and retrieves recommendations that you can use in your product descriptions using all of this data. You can come up with appropriate descriptions each day using this strategy.

This API will handle the process for you if you have lots of things and little free time. You only need to choose the description that best fits your needs from the many that will be offered.

You also have a range of alternatives based on how many requests you need. For instance, if you just need to make up to 10 requests per month, you can select the free option. Other paid alternatives include the Basic, Pro, and ProPlus packages.


Using machine learning and natural language processing, Hypotenuse is a content generator API that generates product descriptions for e-commerce Product Detail Pages (NLP). It gets product descriptions and transmits product data for your PDP.

The connection with Hypotenuse is established through the use of thorough documentation and practical assistance. You have control over the tone, style, and organization of your product data thanks to this. This API consequently generates the description you requested.

You can choose from different plans depending on your needs. They have different fees according to the functions they offer. Something that they all have in common is that you can generate messages in more than 20 languages.


Technically speaking, this AI writer scans a lot of text from every business and then teaches itself to write texts that are comparable to it in order to generate original texts. In a few minutes, it can produce engaging material.

By providing as many details as possible, Zyro follows online copywriting and SEO practices. Hence, you will save money and time since you do not have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

You can also choose from different pricing plans like the Website and the Business ones. They accept several payment options for you to opt. If you are not convinced, you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

No matter which API you decide to use, each piece of text will be personalized and based on your subjects and specifications. By including keywords that are significant to your company, this will improve your descriptions and search engine rankings.

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