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Top 3 AI Powered APIs For Hiding People’s Identities In Photos

Do you need to start using AI powered APIs for hiding identities in photos? Keep reading because in this article we have repaired for you the best APIs is to do that and how you can blur people’s identity.

Unprecedented amounts of personal images have been taken with modern smartphones during the past ten years, but it has also raised privacy issues. taken and afterwards kept on widely used devices. However, if they were to leak, some of these images might include information that could be dangerous. In addition, personal privacy has been compromised by the widespread use of smartphone cameras in public due to the frequent unauthorized photography of strangers.

Anonymization is a technique for protecting privacy by taking away identifiable information from data. In other words, data anonymization is the key for organizations to obtain more crucial data while remaining on the safer and legal side. Face anonymization is a cutting-edge method for removing a person’s face from data using obfuscation techniques like blurring, pixelating, or masking the area. Face blurring APIs are the most used nowadays thanks to their accurate results.

Why Using Face Blur APIs

– They can clearly recognize faces.

-Natural anonymization that is profound. Maintain user privacy while protecting data security.

-Choose your level of anonymity. Identifying faces in photos will allow you to selectively anonymize them.

-Prevention of identity theft and respect for privacy in public and private areas

-Internet safety for youngsters (i.e. Blur the faces of minors when uploading photos)

So, if you need to start using powered APIs for hiding people’s identity photos, we highly recommend using the following ones. We have made this list because they are the most powerful APIs available on the market nowadays.

  1. Face Blur API

Any face in a picture can be swiftly and successfully blurred with this application because Face Blur API uses cutting-edge technology to automatically recognize and blur every face in an image, negating the need for human face selection!

The Face Blur API software uses artificial intelligence to blur faces in photographs; as a result, it blurs all human faces, including those in the distance and in the background. To use this API, just send an API request with the URL of the image that needs to be modified.

2. Face Blur

Face blur API – FaceBlurest is a cross-browser REST API that takes a JSON string containing a still photo (as a base64 encoded string) of individuals with clear faces and returns a JSON string containing a base64 encoded string photo with blurred face(s), confidence score, timestamp, and vertices for bounding boxes of Faces. Naturally, limitations exist in order to increase precision.

3. Face Blur API

A reliable and secure method for fast blurring faces is offered by the Face Blur API. This is because any faces in photographs are automatically detected and blurred by the software. The highest level of privacy is provided by this API because original images are never kept. Images are only retained in CDN in their final, blurred form.

We also offer an online Face blur application for developers to use in order to validate the input and output JSONs of the API since it is intended for software development.

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