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Top 3 Alternatives To Anyword In 2022

Product descriptions can be difficult and time-consuming to write. They must be compelling enough to entice a potential customer to continue reading. That will only work if you are familiar with your target market, have a thorough understanding of the product, and have some insight into what the product means to readers.

Anyword has handled this task thus far. It is a platform for natural language generation that enables advertisers to target their message to certain demographics. To assist users in producing expert-level messages across channels and formats, this platform makes use of a model that has been trained on millions of marketing messages as well as historical data.

This content generator api creates high-converting product descriptions using data and artificial intelligence. The page will automatically produce your message after you select the suitable industry and enter the URL of the product page to promote.

Anyway, there are currently various APIs that could assist you in developing the attention-grabbing messaging you require: Description Builder API, TextCortex, and CopyMonkey are a few of them.

Description Builder API’s

With the aid of the Description Builder API‘s user-friendly machine learning algorithms, you can dynamically construct descriptions for your e-commerce products. This acts in a manner that is human-like.

The only information our API requires from you is the name of your product and a succinct description. The API processes and retrieves recommendations for you to use in your product descriptions using all of this data. You can come up with appropriate descriptions each day in this way.

This API will handle the task for you if you have a lot of products and little free time. You will have a choice of numerous descriptions, and you only need to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Furthermore, you have a number of choices depending on how many requests you need. If you only need to make up to 10 requests each month, for instance, you can use the free plan. Among your other paid choices are the Basic, Pro, and ProPlus programs.


You may add more authenticity to your work by using TextCortex. You can edit your text as well as start from fresh when writing it. You will take less time to consider your word choice if you do this. You only need to enter three bullet points, and you’ll get an email with the information you asked for.

Various plans are available for this software. You are restricted to 15 creations per day with the free version’s feature usage restrictions. They provide a Pro and a Business package if you require more.


By entering your desired keywords into CopyMonkey, the program will create a title and description for your product. This API mostly aids in content creation for Amazon. In other words, if you don’t have any keywords, you can use the built-in keyword research tool on Amazon and copy terms from the listings of your rivals. The produced content can be modified to make it more aggressive for your listing. Based on your requirements, CopyMonkey offers pay-per-usage pricing.

As you can see, depending on your demands, there are several solutions available. Even if these APIs are similar, they all differ in various ways, and you must choose the one that best meets your needs.

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