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Top 3 Alternatives To Experian For Email Verification.

Experian is a great email verification API to protect your mailing list. Here you will find three top alternatives to the API.

Email Marketing

One of the first methods of customer acquisition and advertisement after the development of the Internet was email marketing. Thanks to technological advancements there has been an evolution and improvement in the opportunities that are available to businesses. The use of email is one in the front line

With email marketing campaigns, companies use email to reach customers and potential customers with information about products or services, offers, and promotions. Also, it helps them maintain contact with clients to get their feedback, build a stronger relationship with them, and encourage them to support our brand. Hence, email has become one key instrument for companies. Plus, one that must be maintained with APIs like Experian.


Experian: Email Verification

Evidently, the use of email marketing is one that fits perfectly with a business’s goals.  After all, it helps them to increase clients and sales. Due to this, companies create complete teams and investments through the use of email. As a consequence, succesful companies understand the importance of email verification APIs like Experian.

Moreover, Experian is an API that will make sure that the organization has an accurate mailing list. This means that the email domains on their database are real users with actual interest in their brand. If this is not the case, the API will let them out of the door. After all, they do not bring value to the company.

With such recognition of Experian, organizations will get rid of temporary or fake email domains. Even better, they will get rid of email domains that could bring any type of viruses and attacks. 


Experian Alternatives:

E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector

If you have an interest in APIs like Experian, the E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector API is an excellent alternatives. This API has an advanced and clever infrastructure that allows the API to recognize the different email domains that are on your mailing list.

As a consequence, it will identify any temporary or fake email domain. With such a recognition pattern, companies can only focus on those real email accounts. Moreover, the JSON response of the API is fast and accurate. Hence, you will receive the information in seconds.



With this second alternative, you will eliminate outdated, dangerous, and inaccurate email accounts from your email list. Also, it will help you hold your sender’s memory alive and minimize the churn rate of your email marketing campaigns.



Finally, KickBox is an API that has a similar goal to the two APIs I just described before. This email verification API, as the name implies, will kick out those invalid email domains. As a consequence, your reputation and positive metrics will up. 

Now you know a little bit more about email marketing and the importance of clearing out your mailing list. Therefore, all you have to do is put this information into practice and see the excellent results it will bring.

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