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Top 3 Alternatives To Google Text-To-Speech SSML Editor

The best way to save time and money is reading and studying different articles or books, as well as facilitate the education of people with visual difficulties. Speech synthesis markup language (SSML), or text-to-speech software converts any type of text to any type of language or voice you want.

Time is essential. It is the law of life, the only thing that can not be recovered, so the tools that make shorten the amount of time in which we do a task. This also allows us to do two things at the same time are gaining so much traction the last few years. They allow you to save on the only currency that does not return investment.

While the most direct way is through Google Translate, it does not have the options that software like Woord. Naturalized voices in dozens of languages and choice between a female or male voice with different oscillations to change the timbre of the voice that reads you. This is something that google’s SSML does not bring, in addition to having a very literal translator.

There are different types of software to pass different documents to audio, however only some have a comfortable interface and allow you to generate audios for free, in addition to being able to download and use them in the way you think best.

Top 3 Alternatives To Google Text-To-Speech SSML Editor


Top 3 Alternatives To Google Text-To-Speech SSML Editor

Woord is one of the most up and coming companies in the world of TTS, their way of working is very interesting because they have an arsenal of audios made by users, at the same time that they have different premium plans that allow you to move to audio more than 30 thousand characters.

Every day they add new styles of voices. First: the binary differentiation between male and female, then they have by countries and then accents within those countries. They also have one of the most comfortable and intuitive interfaces. This ensures the convenience of their users.

To get started just type a word or a phrase, or copy-paste any text in Woord. Then choose the speech rate that works for you. Then you can start from any position in the text, and replay the text as many times as you wish. You can also download it on MP3.


Top 3 Alternatives To Google Text-To-Speech SSML Editor

Verby is one of the most used free Text To Speech software, although its interface is not the cleanest, it allows up to a thousand characters for free, while there are unlimited numbers for those who decide to switch to the paid version. Perhaps the only thing that can be criticized is that it offers no options to the robotic voice, a market that is growing every day in the world of SSML software.

Simple SSML Editor

Top 3 Alternatives To Google Text-To-Speech SSML Editor

Simple SSML Editor is one of the most direct Text-To-Speech platforms available, although the options are very basic because you can only slow or fast the text you want to move to audio, and make the voice more serious or high-pitched, its speed when composing the audio is the most striking, as well as the simplicity of its interphase.

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