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Top 3 Alternatives To Numverify API In 2022

Are you looking for an accurate tool to help you validate phone numbers from your databases? If that is your case, you are in the right place because here we will share with you the top 3 alternatives to Numverify API in 2022!

Phone Data APIs have been developed in order to make it so much easy for company managers and marketing teams to be able to reach their leads with accurate data of their potential customers. These high technology tools can tell for sure whether if a phone number is valid or not, so you can be able to delete it from your phone list and avoid losing both money and time. 

Numverify is one of the most secure phone data APIs, and one of the most used phone verification APIs. It can only capture high-quality leads, keep your user database clean, and combat fraud by validating phone numbers at the point of entry into your system. Thus, it also provides important capabilities, such as line type, geographical location and carriers. 

Although this tool is already supporting companies from 232 companies, sometimes it can get a little bit difficult to use and its higher plan only includes 250,000 API calls per month. This is the main reasons why some business and B2Bs prefer to look for other alternatives to check phone numbers from their databases. 

So, to put it simple for you, here we will recommend you the top 3 alternatives to Numverify in 2022. You can give them a pick and see which of them suit better your business needs. 

Phone Number Validator API

Phone Number Validator API is the most cost-effective phone data API at the moment. This API can provide a complete response by just entering the phone number to analyse. It will tell you if it is valid or not, and it will also provide geographical data that will assist you in delivering your messages to the correct people, such as the international country dialing code and how the phone number is formatted in local dialing format.

It is ideal for determining the precision of the numbers in your database. To better serve your customers, use it before creating an SMS campaign to see what numbers are reachable and sort your phone numbers database by country or company carrier. As a result, its user-friendly platform is a huge plus, as you will see immediate results. Finally, you can buy it on the Zyla API Hub and test up to 100 API calls with no need to pay, and, most importantly, you can upgrade up to 500,000 API calls.

Vonage Number Insight API

The Vonage Number Insight API is another API to consider (formerly Nexmo). It uses existing customer data to get more up-to-date insights from real-time sources. You can now determine the best way to contact customers by identifying phone numbers from all over the world. Without relying on customer feedback, assess risk, prevent fraud, block bogus accounts, and increase acquisition.

Number Look Up API

The NumberLookUp API dataset is based on the most reliable sources, which are constantly updated and improved. They provide specialized premium assistance. They are prepared to provide the highest level of service. Every paid plan comes with an unlimited number of API connections. You can use their and worldwide phone number lookup API to check carrier information to automate your phone number validation process.

We have already shown you the top 3 alternatives for Numverify. You should know that, by adding any of these APIs to your business, you will effectively forget about wasting time with out-of-date information about your leads! 

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